EJI Releases a New Video About A Community’s Response to Lynching

Alumni News – Spring 2017

June 13: “America’s lynching history is now online.” USA Today.


October 24: Hundreds Dedicate Lynching Marker to Anthony Crawford in Abbeville, South Carolina. Equal Justice Initiative.

October 20: “Lynching victim to be honored in Abbeville.” Index-Journal

October 17: “The Evil of Lynching, Exposed.” Huffington Post.


Shorefront Journal, Volume 02 (2014)


August 13: “Racial Discrimination and Lynching in the U.S.: Conference at Dorothy’s Gallery.” Entrée to Black Paris.


October 11: PBS Interview with Gwen Ifill

Anthony Crawford – Father, Husband, Landowner, Farmer.” America’s Black Holocaust Museum.


June 19: “Lynching: Families’ pain remains despite Senate’s apology.Chicago Tribune.

June 16: “Atoning for segregation: Justice Delayed.” The Economist.

June 15: “Impact of Senate’s Apology for Legacy of Lynching.” NPR.

June “Lynching Exhibit Revives Ugly History.” BanderasNews.


December 9: “Prosperity Made Blacks a Target for Land Grabs.” Los Angeles Times. 


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