“From Cape Town to Chicago to Colombo and Back Again: Towards a Liberation Theology for Memory Work”, Co-written with Michelle Caswell and Jarrett Drake.

Historical Marker: 2-side permanent lynching monument, Abbeville, SC

100 years after lynching, S.C. historical marker to pay tribute to murdered patriarch

Returning Home: The Centennial of the Abbeville Lynching of Anthony Crawford

 “In Answer to Christine Cieslak Wolf’s ‘Why I Never Fell for Hardy Murphy.” Evanston Patch.

Carrie Crawford Smith’s “Back Door Leadership”

Anthony Crawford – Father, Husband, Landowner, Farmer

Shhh… Big Momma and Dem’ Left Last Night: Shifting Violent Memories, The African American Chain Migration, Abbeville, South Carolina to Evanston, Illinois, 1910-1940 

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